Chapter 4 - Backstory

Backstory. Backstory. Backstory. Read any book about how to write fiction and they’ll tell you to avoid putting in too much backstory. Stick to the action, they say. But I’m here with the one reader who really wants context. Unbelievable.

Fine. If you aren’t familiar with Michel Foucault, you should still be familiar with the idea that information is power. There are of course, other forms of power. Money is one. Technology is another. Attractiveness is another. Influence is another.

Why am I talking about this? Because we are talking about warfare. Warfare is about power and control.

Can I just stop you there? I’m suicidal already because our world is falling apart right now. I guess it makes sense that we’re in a ‘technological arms race’ or a war, but if you’re going to tell me that more innocent people are going to die right now, I might have to stop reading.

OMG. You are such a pain in the ass in all the wrong ways. The good guys have already won. Okay?  Is that what you wanted to hear? The war is over. The next decade is about rebuilding for a better life for everyone globally. Normally, an author would get to save the end for, I don’t know, THE ENDING, but somebody had to know right now, so they didn’t off themselves. Feel better?