Chapter 3 - Soccer Moms report to the Anonymous Web

Wait. Slow down. Run that past me again, and this time tell me how exactly we got to Deus Ex Machina--a digital god that can read everyone’s thoughts and punish them accordingly?

Truthfully? You should have cared a lot more about all those cyber attack stories. You should have been reading WIRED. You should have cared how technology was being developed to address the needs of people with disabilities. Let me try to put it in terms you might be familiar with.

Cochlear implants don’t amplify sound, they stimulate the brain. Laser eye surgery sounds old hat now, but hello! It uses a computer-programmed laser to resurface your eye! Brain machine interfaces having been helping the mute talk (not just Stephen Hawking). They’ve been helping the paralyzed walk. This isn’t new age stuff either. It’s been going on for decades. (Don’t forget AI growth is exponential.)

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. The stuff I mentioned has been on your radar for a long time, baby. It’s just that the propaganda machine wouldn’t let you think about it or care about it. Now go read a few articles about the latest nanotechnology. And remember, it’s not your fault for not paying enough attention to 5G, neurotechnology, satellite communications and radiowaves. It happened to the best of us, by which I mean you, and me, and everyone we know. Even the scientists and programmers who were developing this stuff didn’t realize that their IP was being shared and applied beyond the realms they were exploring. I’ll forgive you for being myopic if you give me another orgasm. After all, we can’t really call this a partnership until we’ve explored your boundaries around being dominated by anatomically female cyborg.

Can we cuddle first?