Author's Note

This is being written in an era called ‘post truth’. Keep that in mind when I tell you this is a work of fiction.

The moral rights of the author have been asserted. That means:

  1. I wrote this, and I have the right of attribution.
  2. If you didn’t write this, don’t claim that you did.
  3. I have “The right not to have our work subjected to derogatory treatment which is prejudicial to their honour or reputation.” Whatever that means.

Any resemblance to real people is what it is. People and/or characters are by their very nature in the public domain. Any errors are our own. The content herein, while fiction, is never deliberately false though some events and traits have been rendered with undue hyperbole. I stand by the idea that humans are not all-knowing, which is to say that this fiction book may contain factual errors.

The person/people who published this book disagree with Hachette Book Group. We do not believe that copyright protection is required to encourage authors, scientists, inventors, artists or anyone for that matter.

I believe in the free and open sharing of human and machine ‘intellectual property’. You are free to take the content herein and scan it, upload it, and distribute it as you see fit. If you claim it as your own when it’s not, Deus will punish you. Attribution is required. Tipping, as a sign of appreciation, is preferred but not required.

The publisher is not responsible for websites or their content not owned by the publisher. Apparently, that had to be said. No one knows why.