Where Are We Going?

In short, everywhere. A lot of stuff needs fixing. Governments are too slow. Corporations are too scared of legal action and alienating ‘users’. If you are a ‘user’, don’t hang out with us. We are humans, and some of us are cyborgs.

The plan is simple: build a place where people are compensated for their time, engagement and positive influence. If you are able to donate your services or skills, that would be helpful.

This is a relatively egalitarian place. We want to employ people who are currently under-employed and that includes retirees, children and people that society generally doesn’t look after properly, which is most of us.

The plan is for you to organise yourselves around the projects that interest you. We are trying to make it a game, so you can have some fun and meet new people outside of work and Tinder. It will take time to build the technological infrastructure that we want to use. Please be patient and check back often.

In principle, we prioritise the use of open-source software. We embrace redundancy in the system. We recommend Trello as a place to work on your projects. We are not going to tell you what to do. We would like you to tell us what to do.

That said, the first thing we are trying to build is a marketplace for books, music and video. Artists are getting shafted by media conglomerates, and there are a lot of so-called ‘amateurs’ who are really really good at what they do. We are building a place where they can collaborate, encourage each other, and tell the stories that are important to them without censorship.

Also, if you’re inundated with information and don’t know what you need to watch, read, hear, etc. we are trying to fix that by serving you only one option at a time. You can ask for a different piece of content at any point. We would like you to take a moment to give feedback on that piece of content. We are actively seeking content that starts conversations.

If content isn’t your thing, you can start a project around cleaning up our food environment, saving our oceans, female orgasms or whatever you feel passionate about. (But those three should really be universal priorities.)

In the beginning, it’s going to be rocky. You will get annoyed with us. Sorry. Not sorry. It is what it is.